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Back-up installation adapted to special conditions.


During implementing of the plan of action, the various necessary work  procedures have to be analyzed carefully and matching installations have to be developed, resulting in an innovative back-up system.


The implemented  solution comprises the following highlights:

  • Adaptation to the variable gradient of 5%. All equipment and cranes must be properly adjusted. Additional brakes for the backup are needed.
  • Costly coarse grain separation on the back-up. Rocks > 15cm are
    sorted onto the conveyor band via a vibrating chute with rod
    strainer before transloading.
  • Separation of heading operation and bottom sealing


A conveyor band takes care of excavation material removal from the heading to the interim storage site in the portal area. The decrease of operating errors is a direct result of the extensive automation in the back-up area.

Objectives for heading installation
  • Anchor, shotcrete, network and steel installation with a heading
    performance of 26m/day, with the back-up aiming at twice the
    performance of the TBM.
  • Minimum amount of personnel for the operation





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