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AlpTransit - Gotthard Base Tunnel - Amsteg, CH

Highest performance and optimized costs – thanks to a well thought-out complete system.


The optimized and made-to-measure back-up installation with all its newly developed features has proven to be successful.  The performances asked for by the contract were already reached during the starting up.


Thanks to the working area and logistic concept being clear the operations can take place in a flexible and efficient way, independent from the advance.


A suspended monorail railway makes it possible for the material to be transported without transloading from the supply train to its destination. Thanks to the suspended platform and a double-track rail service up to the invert construction area, the invert can be built at the same speed as the advance progresses. A longitudinally movable shotcrete robot with a 360º working area applies shotcrete support to the excavated section.


Direct placing of the order

Whilst the tunnel boring machine and the backup system are usually supplied together by the manufacturer of the tunnel boring machine, Arge AGN Murer/Strabag preferred to place the order for the back-up system directly with Rowa. This has proven to function perfectly. The interface problems could be managed without any difficulties, and the contractor had an experienced logistics partner available.


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