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The project is a key part of the rapid rail link Valladolid – Madrid and consists of 2 single-track tunnels suitable for high-speed rail service (designed for 350 km/h) with a total length of 28,5 km each. There are cross passages every 250 m linking the two tunnels. 4 tunnel boring machines are working simultaneously, each having to cover about 14 km. Upon request of WIRTH, Rowa has supplied to the two joint ventures which are involved in the construction one installation for the attack from the north.


The 2 Rowa back-up installations comply with the performance requirements, thanks to the high-performance logistics with the adequate equipment.


The logistic system is designed to function during the advance with the double-shield tunnel boring machine simultaneously with the ring construction.


The lining segment ring construction takes place continuously and has to be interrupted only for 2 minutes for the re-positioning of the gripper shield. This allows to achieve advance rates of 1.6m (length of lining segment) in 20 minutes, which corresponds to a maximum advance rate, ring construction included, of 4.8m/h.




Pile of segment linings


Back-up installation
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