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Koralm KAT2 - Deutschlandsberg, AT

The Koralm train, approximate 130 km long, is a new train line connecting the provincial capitals Graz and Klagenfurt. One of the core structures of this new line is the 32km long Koralm tunnel.


Rowa supplies two mirror converted TBM back-up installations to build the Koralm tunnel. The two single track tunnels (approx. 82 m2 excavation cross section) are being connected every 500 m via cross tunnels.


Both plants are consisting of a telescopic shield TBM with back-up installation. One back-up installation is 160m long and made of 13 back-up cars, one train ramp and one crossing platform for the supply train.


The back-up cars are fully equipped with all needed transport ways, working places machinery.


Both back-up installations are built for muck removal by tunnel conveyor and the supply of lining segments, invert segments, pea-gravel, wet mortar, installation material (pipes, cables, tunnel conveyor elements) as well as spare and wear parts.


Koralm KAT2


Koralm KAT2


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