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The travel time of trains between Wien and St. Pölten shall be reduced dramatically by extending the rail way up to 4 lines. Two single track tunnels with a length of 10.75 km, 10.6 m in diameter and cross tunnels every 500 m are part of the project.

The inner diameter of the segment lining is 9.6 m. Tunnel boring machines of this scale were never used before in Austria. The heading plants are consisting of two single shield hard rock TBMs and two back-up installations.



A total of three processes have been automated in the back-up installations. The lining segment transport from back-up 2 to back-up 1 over a stretch of 180 m has been automated. The rail and console transport from back-up 3 to back-up 1 over a stretch of 225 m has been automated.

The reduction in operating personnel is a direct result of automation. The potential of human errors when operating machines is markedly reduced. Subsequently, breakdown of equipment due to operating mistakes is equally minimized. Therefore, a higher availability of the entire operation and increased working safety are achieved. In case of sudden failure of the automated operation, an immediate switch to a manual operation is possible.


The consistently implemented mechanization and partial automation of the working sequences have led to two high performance state of the art heading systems. Logistics for maximum performance of 54 m per day.





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