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RoCon Shuttle – new concrete transport system

In tunnelling the highest quality concrete must be achieved and safe-guarded under the most difficult technical conditions. Ideal transport is a decisive quality factor. This is why Rowa Tunnelling Logistics has developed the concrete transport system RoCon Shuttle®: the new machine generation after the drum mixer.

Convincing advantages and high economy

With its innovative design and efficient technology the RoCon Shuttle® makes suppling building sites easier. The new concrete transport system is a more economic alternative to previous methods. With convincing advantages: Refer to our Brochure


RoCon Shuttle - flexible use

The track-bounded RoCon shuttle transports concrete in a closed system: in a wagon construction with open pan mixers and transport from wagon to wagon to the concrete pump. Discharge is supported by the contraction of the wagons. The system adapts ideally to the requirements of the building and circumstances on site.

The transport capacities are variable – from 11.25 m3 to a maximum of 33.75 m3 concrete per trip. The filling times are short and loading of the shuttle car is also possible in cramped circumstances.




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