Our vision for the future includes a clear positioning in the incre­a­singly demanding inter­na­tional market environment and is focused on customer benefits and partnership. Tailor-made logistics systems in the high-end sector as well as cost-effective solutions are the focus of our attention. Rowa is charac­te­rised by both innovative products and the use of cost-effective standard components.


Rowa is the inter­na­tional partner of choice as a logistics solutions provider for demanding under­ground construction projects


Rowa offers both high-end and design-to-cost solutions – depending on customer requi­re­ments


Rowa develops standard products and innovative, tailor-made solutions – for use in complete and individual solutions


Mission Statement

We demons­trate character!

We’re an independent company charac­te­rised by closeness, commitment and an independent perso­nality.

Satisfied customers are our goal!

Our customers are the basis for the success of our company. We focus on the needs of our customers. We strive for a partnership that leads to mutual success.

We promote innovation!

We shape our future through innovation. We encourage innovative thinking and acting throughout our company. We develop products and services based on customers’ needs.

We’re known for our relia­bility!

We promote customer confi­dence through expert, reliable service and a stable organi­sation.

To us, quality is our duty!

We ensure quality in all areas of our company using expert employees and controlled processes.

People count!

We attach great impor­tance to committed, respon­sible and perfor­mance-oriented thinking and acting on behalf of our company. We promote the develo­pment of our employees. We use criticism and recognition as an oppor­tunity for impro­vement. The health of our employees and people on the construction sites is important to us.

We think and act in a networked fashion!

We take our respon­si­bility for people and the environment seriously. We maintain fair dealings with our business partners.

We want to be successful!

To secure our future, we want to achieve sustainable success.